Covid-19 Emergency Appeal


The Coronavirus pandemic has brought us new challenges in how we deliver our services in the light of social distancing, quarantining, increased financial hardship and tensions in homes.

We have new needs such as supporting women and children in our refuges who are in quarantine, helping survivors experiencing lost jobs or delayed benefits, ensuring women and children in isolation have food and essential supplies.

Our usual support mechanisms have had to change rapidly from face-to-face to digital methods, ensuring that support, advice and training is available remotely.

We are seeking donations to support the development of new ways of delivering our services to:

  • Ensure continued support to vulnerable survivors
  • Enable women and children in lockdown with perpetrators to contact us discreetly
  • Increase our capacity to help more people who need us


A recorded increase in domestic abuse of at least 25% since the start of the pandemic means a fast-increasing need for our services. Please DONATE TODAY to support our work and be part of our mission to end domestic abuse.

Read our Covid-19 statement here.

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