Children’s Services

When you move to a BCWA refuge, your children will be welcomed by Child Support Officers, who will take care of them while you settle in.




Refuges have fully-equipped playrooms, where the project workers organise activities, after-school clubs, play sessions, fun days and one-to-one therapeutic activities.

During school holidays we organise trips & outings for you and your children to the seaside, theatres, museums, farms, fun parks etc.


“To see the difference in children who have come into the refuge having experienced or witnessed abuse to the time when they leave is very rewarding. Often the children have had no one to talk to about their experiences and enabling them to have a safe place to play helps them to regain their confidence and self esteem. This is what makes my role so worthwhile.”

BCWA Child Support Officer


How is it to live in refuge?

Refuges are very big houses with lot of toys and other children to play with. You will be able to access a lot of activities in the house, where we have big playrooms, and you will also be able to attend trips with other families!

Are you curious to understand more how it works? The HideOut offers you a virtual tour here!





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