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Donate now and make a BIG difference There are a number of ways you can make a meaningful contribution to the work of BWA: Help to turn lives around. Just…

Donate now and
make a BIG difference

There are a number of ways you can make a meaningful contribution to the work of BWA:

Help to turn lives around. Just call us on
020 8313 9303 today and tell us how much you’d like to donate. Every penny will make difference to the lives of women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Give your time

  • Administrative
  • Practical & Supportive
  • Financial Support

The financial cost of Domestic Violence

Volunteering can provide you with new skills and a better understanding of the ways in which BWA operates.

  • Give money
  • Fundraising events
  • Give space

To raise public awareness, we are available to give talks about the work we do; if you feel that your group would like to offer us this opportunity, please contact us on 020 8313 9303 to discuss details.

  • Your business can choose BWA as a nominated charity
  • By Cheque to: Bromley Women’s Aid, PO Box 904, Bromley, Kent BR1 9FE
  • It helps us to gain extra funds from your contribution if you sign a Gift Aid form to allow us to claim back tax.

You may want to call us first on 020 8313 9303 to check which particular areas or level of experience we require and whether your skills mix is of interest. We may also be looking for volunteers interested in fundraising projects in the future.

It is important to remember that due to the nature of our services, all volunteers are asked to undergo a police checking procedure, regardless of their experience or background.

We would welcome volunteers as trustees who have relevant experience or skills and wish to contribute their time and responsibility to the running of BWA.

The Second London DV Strategy has reported that in Greater London the Metropolitan Police Service attends around 300 domestic violence incidents every 24 hours. This figure merely scratches the surface, since it reflects reported incidents rather than on-going situations that continue unchecked.

The truth is that Domestic Violence has a financial impact on all members of the community, through criminal justice system, healthcare, social services, civil legal costs, housing and refuge services. Alongside lost economic output borne by employers through sickness, absences, and also by individuals in lost wages.

The clear message is that there are huge financial implications for society as a whole in addition to the personal human cost of Domestic Violence. These together send a compelling argument for a concerted effort from all partnerships towards a two-fold process of support and prevention.

By investing in these services, the future financial burden on the community can be reduced considerably

Our vision creates a good basis for us to work in partnership. The effects of Domestic Violence disrupts the whole functioning of the family and a complex set of responses are often required to meet the needs of those suffering this trauma, across many statutory, voluntary and legal services.

Working together to assist women and children to access the right support they require quickly and easily helps to ensure that we tackle Domestic Violence and make an impact on its occurrence.

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