Domestic abuse in the workplace: policy tips

If employers are prepared for a disclosure of domestic abuse then this can mean a safer, more supportive and effective response for a survivor of abuse. A set procedure in the workplace will make easier for survivors to come forward, and will help both employers and employees to keep safe and deal efficiently with risky situations.

Top tips:

These are our top tips on what to include in a Domestic Abuse policy:

  • DEFINITIONS: Include relevant definitions such as what is domestic abuse, the different forms of abuse, other examples of gender-based violence (stalking, so called honour based violence, female genital mutilation etc.) and appropriate protection orders and what they mean.


  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Of course, confidentiality is key. Having this clearly stated in a policy may encourage women to come forward to seek help whilst being fully informed of how their disclosure will be handled.


  • SAFE ENQUIRY: make sure that you state what to do in case of a domestic abuse disclosure. Keep an eye on our #BCWA16Days campaign next week as we will share safe enquiry tips to be able to create a safe and comfortable setting for a potential disclosure.



  • SIGNPOSTING: It is useful to have an up-to-date directory of national and local services for easy access to support. This will allow the survivor to access specialist services directly and colleagues to know where to signpost or seek advice.


  • TRAINING: Having a domestic abuse lead within the organisation will give anyone who discloses abuse a single point of contact to get the best support possible. It can be useful for all management to have domestic abuse training to be aware and prepared. Get in contact with us if you’re interested in our training offer.


  • RISK ASSESSMENT: If someone makes a disclosure of abuse, having a pre-determined risk assessment to complete can make the process safer for the women and more straightforward for the company. This will be dependent on the women’s job role, the office building, off site meetings and working patterns.


For more information, get in contact with us or take a look at these useful resources:

Corporate Alliance’ Website

Safelives Toolkit

The Prince’s Responsible Business Network Toolkit

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